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Back-office solutions

Back-office solutions

Back-office solutions

Back-office solutions

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Creating and running the administrative functions of a successful business is a huge task that consumes significant time, money, and energy. In a rapidly shifting digital world, being fit for the future means stripping away the old fashioned and ad hoc. Replacing the legacy systems that are holding you back with modern cloud applications, that increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary costs. With OKIN Process, you can.

Using integrated process solutions and simple onboarding we can transform your back-office functions at speed. Blending highly-skilled people with powerful automation technology we make your operations work better on your behalf. Freeing you to focus on the bigger picture – being better than the rest.

Data processing

Our data processing services will ensure that the data within your business is constantly available, accurate and up to date. In our increasingly online world data is the lifeblood of business and OKIN Process has the skills and expertise necessary to put it to work for you.

From people who can perform accurate data entry and validation through to experts in data cleansing and automation, our resources ensure that your systems are always up to date. Helping you to give customers accurate information, respond to queries with confidence and build a better future for your business based on data you can trust.

Our data processing services can help eliminate up to 75% of manual work through the application of automation


Technology operations

Our technology operations teams focus on increasing the cost-effectiveness and reliability of your existing IT infrastructure so that you don’t have to. Lightening your operational load and freeing you to focus on the projects that drive your business forward. Our experts can quickly deploy our advanced tools for monitoring and managing your existing data centre assets. Responding quickly to your needs to add additional resources as your business grows.

Whether you use your own data center, ours, colocation or opt for third party hosting, our flexibility ensures we deliver always-on technical infrastructure that’s ready to work for you.

Field services

Our field support services make your mobile workers more productive by ensuring they always have the most up-to-date and accurate information on every field-based process and asset. Instead of wasting time on job failures and repeat visits, your field teams can lean on the information we provide to maximize their productivity and impact.

With a proven track record of 99% documentation accuracy, OKIN Process helps to decrease implementation errors in the field and drive up customer and employee satisfaction. Turning potentially challenging problems into opportunities for great customer service.

A proven track record of 99% documentation accuracy


Network operations

Our advanced network operation teams manage core backbone networks for some of the world’s largest telcos. But they can also make your network operations run better. Keeping you constantly connected to your customers, employees and infrastructure.

Our experts will take control of your network planning and operations, blending the right mix of mass-market and proprietary solutions to keep data flowing reliably across your entire business. Monitored, maintained, and secured from our advanced Network Operations Center. So that your business is always online and ready to work.

Technical service desk

Our high-touch, high-tech service desk ensures that any incident raised by your customers is resolved quickly, professionally and with the minimum of fuss. We have a rich pool of highly-educated experts who can provide first, second and third level support quickly on your behalf. Lightening your support load so that you can focus on building your next great idea.

OKIN experts use the latest technologies and follow best practices to deliver the highest standards of customer care —  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in 15 different languages. Ensuring that no crisis ever becomes a drama.


Billing management

We help you increase revenue, unblock cash flow and reduce contested invoices by aggregating, reviewing and validating complex billing information on your behalf.  Our experts are able to ensure accuracy of billing, even when spanning multiple products or services in multi-vendor environments. Our personable team will then field customer billing or contractual queries on your behalf, ensuring they are dealt with professionally and politely to maximize customer satisfaction and avoid any unnecessary credits or compensation. Making accurate billing an active part of a better customer experience.

Fulfillment processing

Our professional fulfillment support services manage the intricate logistics involved in supplying complex products and services. We schedule the dispatching, installation and provisioning of products and services on your behalf while also keeping in constant contact with your customers. We continually identify any potential issues or bottlenecks within the process that need to be resolved and proactively deal with these, alleviating you of the burden and accelerating your order to cash cycle. With OKIN Process your customers always get a great, fault-free fulfillment experience worthy of your business.


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