About us

About us

About us

About us

At OKIN Process, we won’t just lighten your workload. We’ll actively look for ways to improve it as we go. As your secret weapon, we’ll give you the freedom to focus on being better than the competition.

Your back-office powerhouse

We take ownership of our client’s operations to help them take their business to the next level.

You may be a fast-growing start-up adjusting to surging demand or an established business adapting to a rapidly changing landscape. Whatever stage you’re at, OKIN Process has the front and back-office solutions you need to prosper. Giving you the space to focus on the bigger picture.

Our solutions

How we do it

OKIN Process has the agility and expertise to take ownership of your operations. Transforming them for the challenges you face by replacing cumbersome processes, streamlining work and leveraging the best technologies. Creating a reinvigorated foundation from which to continue growing your business.

Our global teams are expert problem solvers because we recruit people with inquisitive minds and youthful energy. Using the best available technology, they will jump straight into your business and work tirelessly to deliver better operations on your behalf.

Our approach

OKIN Process gives you access to:






years of experience

“We are customer service people to our core.”

Martina Aloui, Chief Operations Officer, OKIN Process

The power of a global group

Pragmatic, iterative and technology-enabled the OKIN Group is focused on helping businesses reach the next level. With more than 4,000 employees around the world, the OKIN Group incubates and grows companies that fundamentally change work for the better.

As part of this family of companies not only are we relentlessly committed to making our client’s operations work better, but delighted to draw on the broad experience, skills, and investment capabilities of the entire OKIN Group.

Looking for an exciting new career?

At OKIN Process we create space for our employees to grow. If you’re a creative problem solver with a flexible approach and are interested in working for a global company, we’d love to talk.

Careers at OKIN

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

Want your operations to work better?

Lean on OKIN Process to deliver newfound efficiencies and growth opportunities for your business.

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Proud of our proven quality

Our credentials prove that we meet the standards necessary to make you better.

Certified by QES Cert. s.r.o. ISO 9001 Certified by QES Cert. s.r.o. ISO 27001 Certified by QES Cert. s.r.o. ISO 14001 Certified by QES Cert. s.r.o. ISO 45001

While our awards show that we go above and beyond wherever we can.

Investor of
the Year Awards

IT & Shared Services 2016

ABSL Diamonds Awards

2016, 2017

Employers’ Club



2018, 2019

HREA Excellence Awards


Transform Awards Europe