Front-office solutions

Front-office solutions

Front-office solutions

Front-office solutions

Front-office solutions

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We understand that your reputation is everything and that every single customer interaction needs to count. We also know that keeping on top of this can rapidly become overwhelming as your sales and customer service needs grow and become more complex. With OKIN Process, you’ll not only maintain the high levels of service that fuel your continued growth, we’ll also help you to retain and grow with the customers you already have.

Our front-office solutions create outstanding customer service experiences on your behalf,  replacing cumbersome and inefficient processes with scalable, personable and simplified touchpoints that bring your brand to life.

Customer service

We know that taking care of your existing customers is every bit as important as finding new ones, and that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity for growth.  Our full-lifecycle service desk is built to continually increase customer satisfaction, even as we keep pace with the growing demands of your business. Providing flexible first, second, and third level support for your customers across any of your products and services. OKIN experts use the latest technologies and best practices to deliver the highest standards of customer care —  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in 15 different languages. A seamless extension of your business that works hard on your behalf to continually strengthen the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

We’ve increased customer satisfaction scores by 37%


Demand generation

In just a matter of days our modular call center services can be ramped up and delivering lists of prospects for your products and services — without any long term contracts or commitments. By working with our expert demand generation teams you can quickly put together and execute high-impact campaigns without the costs and pressure of building, managing and monitoring your own call center infrastructure. So no matter what the product or service you’re looking to position, you can be assured that our experienced teams know exactly how to deliver a great experience and where to spot opportunities.

We’ve reduced quote rejections from 74% down to 3%

Sales support

Our sales support services make your sales teams more productive by removing non-customer facing administrative and preparation activities from their workload. Instead of spending time on prospect research, RFP production, quote preparation or ongoing report creation for clients, they can lean on us to make sure that they are fully prepared and in control. Creating the time and space your sales team needs to focus on what they are great at; building relationships and generating sales.


Our eCommerce platform can help you quickly populate and run an online presence that delivers efficient digital experiences for your customers and clients. OKIN Process will work with you to help identify the commercial opportunities you can realize through online sales and service and quickly set up and manage an infrastructure to accelerate your growth. Our focus is always on making your business better, which means that we’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your eCommerce presence with your wider business processes.


We’ve decreased order to cash times by 84%

Order management

Our order management services give you the expertise needed to turn successful sales into a successful business. By managing the order processing and fulfillment of your products and services, our team can ensure that every step, from order taking and payment through to progress queries and delivery, is completed flawlessly. OKIN Process can help you identify bottlenecks within your business that are impacting your order to cash cycle. Ensuring that your customers get a great, fault free buying experience worthy of your business.

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