Established enterprises

Established enterprises

Established enterprises

Established enterprises

Business processes fit for the future of work

The next century of work will be shaped by organizations that leverage the power of globalized workforces and agile technologies. New online connections mean that businesses are now more integrated with their customers than ever before. But new workstyles also mean that operations are increasingly distributed across organizations.

Simultaneously trying to transform external business models for customers while also transforming internal operating models for employees is a huge challenge for every organization – but also one they cannot afford to fail. But burdened with legacy technology, inflexible processes and outdated skill sets, transformation can seem like an impossible job. To get the headspace necessary to transform what really matters you have to let go of the things that don’t.

OKIN Process has years of experience in delivering large scale business process outsourcing and modernization services for successful global businesses. Our high-tech, high-touch portfolio of business services can quickly take ownership of your operations and start delivering better on your behalf.

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

Making work better for established enterprises

Getting the right team

Despite our extensive experience we remain a young and dynamic company that brings a renewed sense of energy and ambition to established business operations. With teams spread across three continents, and conversant in more than fifteen languages, we can easily stand up the resources you need to deliver outstanding operations at any scale. And unlike other outsourcers, our personable approach to client relationships means that you’ll always have direct access to the people doing your work. Just like they were one of your own.

Staying ahead of the competition

By taking ownership of your operations our highly skilled team can help you achieve new efficiencies while also relieving you of significant back-office transformation burdens. Digital technology is driving unprecedented changes in customer expectations and we can lighten your transformation load by taking care of back-office modernization on your behalf. Leaving you free to focus on the best way to reshape your offerings and not your operations. Giving you the operational platform and market focus you need to accelerate away from your competitors.

Maximizing Profitability

Our relentless pursuit of better for our established customers has taught us a lot about right sizing teams and technologies to minimize costs and maximize profitability on their behalf. Our mix of on-shore and off-shore resources, on-demand technology platforms and widespread use of lean thinking enable us to not only configure the perfect mix of resources for your immediate needs, but also optimize and modernize your operations as we go. Because when you’re more successful we are too.

Delighting Customers

From the first outbound sales call to the last satisfied support call, we run operations that deliver outstanding experiences on behalf of our clients. No matter the time, location or language. Our open and personable approach to business translates into teams that are fully integrated into your organization and aligned with the culture and brand of your company. Combining the scale and efficiency of a global team of experts with the personable approach and personal connection your customers deserve. Perfect service, every time.

Reach the next level

We know that running any organization isn’t easy. But we also know that the pressure is on to modernize and transform operations for the digital age. Using our proven front and back-office solutions we aim to lighten your load and enable you to focus on the things that really matter. By taking control of your operations, we free up space for you to focus on achieving your real long-term strategic goals.

Taking the time to improve your processes now helps you stay relevant today and gain a competitive advantage for the future. With OKIN Process you have more freedom to invest in the experiences of customers and employees. The capacity to review the technologies you use and the structure of your organization. And to do whatever it takes to be better than the rest.

Not an established enterprise? See how we help scaling businesses too.

Scaling businesses

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

Together, we’ll make your business work better

Wherever your business, and wherever you are, our global teams are ready to help take your business operations to the next level.

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