Scaling businesses

Scaling businesses

Scaling businesses

Scaling businesses

A competitive advantage for fast growing companies

Scaling a business is a challenging endeavor. After the high of discovering that customers love your product, you quickly hit a low when you realize how complex it is to deliver on your promises.

Building the right sales, service and fulfillment infrastructure using modern, sustainable technologies. Having the right processes to deliver great outcomes reliably and efficiently, 24/7. Scaling sales, customer services and support teams in line with your customers’ expectations. And doing all of this in a world in which workstyles and technologies are changing as rapidly as customer preferences. Seizing the day means turning to on-demand operations that fuel your ambitions, not implementation and management challenges that hold you back.

OKIN Process has years of experience in delivering outsourced sales, service and support capabilities for fast-growing businesses. Our high-tech, high-touch portfolio of business services can get you up, running and growing in days not months or years.

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

Making work better for scaling businesses

Getting the right team

As a youthful but experienced outsourcing business, we know how to deliver great service with great energy. With teams spread across three continents we can easily stand up the resources you need to deliver outstanding customer experiences locally, regionally or globally. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And because we use the most advanced technologies and staffing methodologies, we can flex the support we offer to match your day-to-day needs.

Staying ahead of the competition

Our business operations create a highly secure and efficient springboard from which ambitious organizations can accelerate their growth. With our teams taking care of your operations we give you the space you need to move at speed in the market. Our services enable you to focus your time and energy on maximizing the things your customers love. Leaving us to take care of the things they simply expect. Allowing you to be both more responsive and more efficient than your less focused competitors.

Maximixing Profitability

Our relentless pursuit of better has taught us a thing or two about delivering efficient, right-sized operations that help maximize profitability for clients. By using on-demand technologies, sharply honed processes and right-shore location models we are able to flexibly align and re-align our capabilities in sync with your changing business. Whether you need to scale quickly for a new campaign or reduce capacity gradually to phase out an unsuccessful product, we can flex our operational support to help you maintain the right level of profitability.

Delighting Customers

Our open and personable approach to business translates into the way we support your customers with their everyday needs. Because we know that customer experience can be the make or break issue for fast growing businesses. Get it right and customers return and spread the word. Get it wrong and your growth falls off a cliff. We are experts in dealing with prospects and customers at every stage of the life cycle, from sales calls to support calls. Because being there in the right way, at the right time, makes growth happen.

Reach the next level

We understand that managing a fast growing business is challenging and that the risk of failure is high. Learning as you go comes with the territory. But what if you had the advantage of a partner with the experience to show you where other businesses had made mistakes?

Our work with established enterprises has shown us how quickly business processes can become cumbersome and complex. We’re experts at spotting where bottlenecks in processes occur, where customer engagement is lost and where training can be improved. And we’ve taken that learning and packaged it up for you, creating a rigorous operational platform you can lean on.

As a scalable partner, OKIN Process will use all of this accumulated expertise to help you bypass the challenges of evolving and managing complex operations for yourself, so that you have the time and money to grow your business and become better than the rest.

Not a scaling business? See how we help established enterprises too.

Established enterprises

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

Together, we’ll make your business work better

Wherever your business, and wherever you are, our global teams are ready to help take your business operations to the next level.

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