Solutions to make your operations work better

OKIN Process solutions are more than just good ideas for your business. By taking ownership of your operations, we create a stable, secure and efficient foundation. Helping you to grow your business, not your work.

Our scalable and efficient service platform is open for business in:




hours a day


days a year


Armed with flexible and cutting-edge resources, we’ll become your secret weapon. We combine best-in-class technologies with highly-educated human capital in cost-efficient locations. Delivering quality and pragmatism, without the hefty price tag.

So whether it’s delivering scalable outbound call centre capacity or managing service desks for complex products and services, OKIN Process can make your operations work better. Giving you the time to focus on the bigger picture.

Front-office solutions

Our resources work harder on your behalf, so that you don’t have to.

  • Customer service
  • Demand generation
  • Sales support
  • eCommerce
  • Order management



Back-office solutions

Enjoy a seamless transition away from the legacy systems holding you back.

  • Data processing
  • Field service enablement
  • Technology operations
  • Network operations
  • Technical service desk
  • Billing management
  • Fulfillment processing


“They don’t wait to get something done. We tell them we need anything, and they jump to the occasion. They’re very quick to react and get started with what’s ever needed.”

OKIN Process Telecommunications Client


Seamless onboarding

We’re experts at adapting to your needs, having transitioned processes, systems, and teams for some of the world’s most complex organizations. Offering a flexible fit and an agile approach, our proven onboarding process ensures we build immediate momentum to start making your business work better.

Customer service to our core

Our global teams are passionate about making your processes work better. OKIN employees are expert problem solvers because we recruit people with inquisitive minds and youthful energy. Our internal commitment to continuous development ensures we offer the very best service and experience to your customers.

Continuous improvement

At OKIN Process, we won’t just lighten your workload, we’ll actively look for ways to improve it as we go. By combining our curious nature with the best available technology, we’re relentlessly focused on delivering better on your behalf.

Cutting-edge technology

OKIN Process is a scalable partner that can customize, integrate, and deliver our services for you with ease. Our flexible cloud technologies and agility in scale eliminate the costs, risks and uncertainties associated with deploying, configuring and operating traditional IT systems and services.

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

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