Homework Helpline

Homework Helpline

Homework Helpline

Homework Helpline

Homework Helpline

Student Performance Software

The Homework Helpline is a turnkey student performance solution that pairs technology and tutors from OKIN Process.

This pairing provides multiple benefits.

1. SaaS Model

This Educators-as-a-Service solution means there is no infrastructure for your school district to acquire or maintain.

We are also able to use cloud-based technologies to ensure the security and safety of your students.

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2. OKIN Certified Tutors

In addition, the SaaS consumption model supports 1:1 student to tutor engagement, which is 5 times more effective than group learning environments.

We ensure you get the right solution for your students:

  • State Standards for Core Subjects (math, science, social studies, English), STEM, and Common Core
  • AP and IB support
  • Multilingual support
  • Evenings and weekend coverage

3. 100% of the Cost Covered

The Homework Helpline is a FERPA-compliant Education Assistive Technology. This qualifies it as Student Performance Software under the ESSER Fund guidelines.

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This means you can leverage currently available funding to cover 100% of the cost!

The flow of the process ensures calls are intelligently routed to the right OKIN Process Certified Tutor, resolved properly, and added to the Knowledge Base.
This turnkey solution requires:

  • No Staffing
  • No Infrastructure
  • No Budget
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Funding can be completed in 30-45 days, and implementation of the Homework Helpline can be completed at no cost to your schools or district.

OKIN Process - Making your operations work better

The Homework Helpline is designed to connect students with their coursework and teachers outside of the classroom.

To learn more about how it works, get in touch with us to discuss if it’s the right option for your school.

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