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Scaling staffing firm

When this scaling staffing firm needed immediate momentum to support their accelerated growth, OKIN Process delivered the agility and energy they required. Helping one of America’s fastest-growing staffing agencies to increase their capacity — without ever compromising their personal approach to business.

The challenge

Faced with the challenge of an increasingly high call volume, this growing staffing firm reached out for outsourcing support that would help them balance their workload and make their operations run more smoothly. With an overnight impact on customer engagement processes, OKIN Process has demonstrated how a problem solving approach and can-do attitude lightens the load and creates space for more meaningful customer relationships.

In 2020, OKIN Process forged a new partnership with a new client, a rapidly growing staffing agency that’s committed to a personal touch when it comes to placing the right candidates into manufacturing, industrial, warehouse, and clerical positions. Established in 1997, and with seventeen locations across the United States, this client has been on a trajectory of continuous growth, yet has stayed committed to their mission of developing personal relationships with their clients and candidates.

However, as their opportunities to fill positions grew, this scaling staffing agency didn’t have the capacity they needed to make enough outbound calls to candidates. And more critically, the call load was impacting the time staff had available to deliver the high level of customer care that was so important to them. Adding to this pressure were additional challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting both working environments and staff safety requirements. The team needed more time and freedom to focus on the tasks that would grow their business and their reputation.

The process

With the ability and technology available to free up capacity, the OKIN Process team wasted no time devising outbound campaigning solutions that transformed the client’s workload overnight. Against the backdrop of global uncertainty caused by the pandemic, OKIN utilized cloud-based solutions for communication, ensuring this growing staffing firm was onboarded seamlessly and connected in a way that fit their needs. On the first day alone, the OKIN team almost quadrupled the number of outbound calls for their Michigan branch —  completing 450 outbound calls, compared to the previous branch average of 120 calls per day.

This allowed the internal staffing agents to have a more meaningful interview process with potential candidates and get them into the right job roles faster. Freeing up valuable time also helped the clients to reach out to existing and potential partners in order to continue scaling their business at speed. As the client quickly discovered the value of OKIN Process and the team became embedded in the day-to-day running of the business, the partnership grew. Within just 90 days of working together, OKIN Process has expanded both the scope of support for the client and the project team by 250%. Rapidly increasing support from three branches to seventeen locations across four different states.

The results

Discovering the benefits of the partnership and trusting in the quality of work, this scaling staffing agency asked OKIN Process how quickly an inbound service could be incorporated into the scope of work. ‘Tomorrow’ was the answer. The flexibility of the OKIN team meant the client was able to get the exact resources needed, at the exact moment they needed them. Now as the gatekeeper for inbound calls, OKIN Process is able to efficiently direct clients and candidates to the correct agents. With a 24/7 answering service incoming any day now, OKIN Process will be able to pick up calls from sick employees at 2am and arrange cover – all without the client having to be alerted or worry about it. OKIN Process is also helping this growing staffing agency maintain their personal touch, taking over the ‘warm connects’ with candidates to ensure they have the support and encouragement they need. These additional services have created space for the client’s team to create more personal connections with their clients and candidates.

275% increase in outbound calls on day one

A responsive approach means that the OKIN Process team can deliver immediate solutions to the everyday challenges this client faces. However, the partnership has developed such a connection and a shared sense of values that the OKIN team keeps a watchful eye on the industry. By looking at the bigger picture, OKIN Process are devising solutions for this scaling staffing agency that continually drives them towards future growth.

We have such a connection that it feels like we are all working for one office sharing the same mission and values.

Michelle Ruiz

Director of Operations (US), OKIN Process


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