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Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess (RMP)

With an exceptional software, more and more users start to notice. This software company saw their customer base increase and needed support operations that matched their growth goals. OKIN Process help them set up everything they needed with efficient, hassle-free implementation. 


As the leading provider of process integration and enterprise business workflow solutions, Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess (RMP) was interested in evaluating partners to ensure they were delivering an industry leading technical support experience.

Although they own a powerful digital transformation platform, RMP realized that with a growing customer base and higher complexity of solutions they could continue to meet and exceed client expectations if they had access to a partner with additional experienced resources.

With Tier 1 technical support in India and Tier 2 support in the US, they started exploring nearshore options for Tier 2 support that would offer a highly educated workforce at a competitive cost. 

This search lead RunMyProcess to leverage its working relationship with OKIN Connect to bring Tier 2 technical support for the growing North American market to OKIN Process.


By leveraging the development team from OKIN Connect, the setup of the Tier 2 technical support was instant.

Tier 2 technical support was instant.

“We see OKIN Process as an essential part of the organization and want to leverage their knowledge of our platform in as many ways as we can.”

Normally, there is a knowledge transfer and onboarding period for projects like this. However, in this case, the development team had already completed RunMyProcess’ developer training. Combined with OKIN Process’ best-in-class support process, the OKIN team was able to pull on their experience setting up and configuring solutions for clients to start responding to support tickets as soon as they were received.

By leveraging our existing relationships with OKIN, we saved internal resources from having to train a new team. We also easily saved weeks, if not months, in terms of our implementation timeline.

– Ma Ni

Customer Support Manager, Compliance and Security Officer, RunMyProcess


Excellence at the Most Difficult of Support Tasks

Since RunMyProcess is a low-code platform, organizations have a lot of freedom in what they can build. However, when a Tier 2 support ticket comes in, there might not be much information other than where the client is located or how many licenses they have. Since these projects may not be well documented, OKIN Process must dig into the source code to understand what is going on. The OKIN team may not even know what the application is used for when the ticket is submitted. The team works quickly and efficiently to determine how the process should work, identifies the problem, and then implements a solution.

Ni likes to mention, “The team is self-directed. There is usually no roadmap. They use the source code to understand the context of the situation and what needs to be done.”

This is the most difficult type this technical support. Ni continues, “If you are building something from scratch, you can just build the application. Easy. However, in these cases, the OKIN Process team is finding a problem in an existing project they might not even be familiar with. It can be difficult enough to find the root problem in an application you have built yourself, and even more challenging in an application built by someone else. The fact that the OKIN team can find these root problems in the source code and implement solutions across our client portfolio is highly valued.”

While it is challenging work, the OKIN Process team excels at it.

“What we have seen working with OKIN Process is quick response times, a high degree of technical know-how, and great working relationships,” explains Ni.

Global Availability

Not only has OKIN Process been able to support the North American market, they were also able to quickly leverage their resources to support EU clients as well. This local presence in the EU was important to clients to maintain GDPR compliance. Client Expansion OKIN Process has also been able to leverage their experience to provide training to RunMyProcess customers and support RunMyProcess as they expand in North America.

A Process of Continual Improvement

In addition, RunMyProcess has included time each month for the OKIN Process team to contribute towards minor tweaks and app improvements. Ni adds, “The fact that OKIN Process can help identify opportunities to make our platform better and implement those changes really closes the loop from idea to implementation. They are a partner that is invested in seeing us continue to improve over time.”

Next Steps

RunMyProcess is now exploring opportunities to work with OKIN Process to provide additional technical support and expand support in EMEA and other regions.

We see OKIN Process as an essential part of the organization and want to leverage their knowledge of our platform in as many ways as we can,” concludes Ni.

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