— The Offensive Benefits of a Zero Trust Network Access

The Offensive Benefits of a Zero Trust Network Access

Having your business become the victim of a security breach leaves you feeling vulnerable and like you cannot trust the world around you. A business owner’s personal information, intellectual property, and even their clients’ information become at risk. It feels easy to trust an outdated security tactic to defend one’s information from hackers and identity thieves. Many business owners found themselves in similar situations and decided to improve their odds with a Zero Trust Network Access.

Zero Trust Network Access: A Defense That Works

As an industry leader in cybersecurity, Appgate knows that a Zero Trust Network Access solution can best protect your online data. This conclusion becomes quite clear, given that they have clients with sensitive federal government information. The alternatives, whether they be VPNs or other antiquated measures, could lead to preventable security breaches. Appgate offers a whole line of products and services with the Zero Trust solution in mind. Zero Trust Network Access solutions work in real-time to evaluate identity and adjust privileges depending on the situation.

With Appgate’s partnership with OKIN Process, they have only become more reliable. It may benefit any business to determine how OKIN Process can help it become that much more efficient. Thanks to OKIN, the trained staff knows how to handle any problem they encounter on their omnichannel service desk infrastructure. Because of the mutual respect between the two companies, their partnership continues to this day. Appgate’s products and services remain a big reason why they deserve respect.

Zero Trust Network Access Solutions

ZTNA solutions that could protect you from your next intended data breach include:

  • Software-Defined Perimeter – Application infrastructures are effectively made invisible without DNS Information or IP addresses. With a seamless user experience, an SDP deploys easily and can improve the efficiency of an entire team.
  • Risk-based Authentication – The risk is accessed. The higher the risk, the more authentication becomes necessary. Such authorizations include the need for a fingerprint, facial recognition, QR codes, and approval before every transaction.
  • Digital Threat Protection – Identifies and eliminates security and fraud attacks early on. The elimination gets accomplished through proactive monitoring and blacklisting. Appgate can also monitor the health of websites, and it knows how to identify phishing campaigns and much more.

Zero Trust Network Access: An Offense That Works

That is all well and good. However, with hackers becoming smarter than they were in the past and malware becoming more sophisticated, one finds themselves asking, is all this enough? After all, these defensive measures sound great, but a customer may wish to know that they stack up against the real thing. There exists an easy way to test a data bank’s safety without exposing it to actual danger. The Zero Trust Network Access solutions provided by Appgate come with offensive tactics as well.

It makes sense if you take the time to think about it. A fighter cannot attack something by simply shielding themselves. It stands to reason that one cannot fight malware by only staying defensive. The question then becomes, how can a security team stop breaches before they happen? The answer lies in another of Appgate’s partnerships. While Appgate focuses on the defense of a business’ precious data, Immunity takes a proactive approach instead.

Appgate’s Immunity To Data Breaches

Immunity possesses three key features. These features focus on ensuring that Appgate’s defenses remain the reliable gate of security trusted by the federal government.

The Offensive Zero Trust Network Access Immunity Features:

  • Adversary Simulation
  • Advanced Penetration Testing

Take a moment to think about the following descriptions of each of Immunity’s methods. You can look at the offensive and defensive measures of the Zero Trust Network Access framework. Appgate constantly tests your data in different ways, discovering weak points in the security of your data. You come to discover that each method accomplishes something different, and it all comes together to keep your company data safe.

Adversary Simulation

It benefits a martial artist to become prepared for anything that might harm them or the people they love. Immunity has the same idea when it comes to testing out the cybersecurity of a business. By modeling a persistent internal threat, Adversary Simulation can prep a security team for the inevitability of a breach. It is also known as Purple Teaming because the red team mimics a threat, and the blue team responds to it. Please note that Adversary Simulation, while mimicking a serious threat, will not exploit one’s infrastructure to the possibility of actually losing their data.


The Adversary Simulation may not use real threats to test the security team, but it does use something interesting instead. INNUENDO is a post-compromise implant framework with many capabilities. It can mimic lateral network movement, privilege escalation attacks, and even large volume data exfiltration. That in and of itself sounds impressive, but INNUENDO’s capabilities also include that it operates at a nation-state grade level of sophistication. With its flexible channel-stack technology, INNUENDO makes Appgate’s offense as effective as it is.

Advanced Penetration Testing

If Adversary Simulation mimics the danger to your data while using INNUENDO to do so, one aspect remains. One must not forget about the assessment that comes from the simulation. Immunity’s experienced team of security consultants offer a live-fire exercise, accessing how well the infrastructure stands up to threats. An Appgate customer can choose which aspect of one’s business’s security they want to be tested. Knowing one’s weaknesses before any attacks take place can prevent disaster.

The Power of Teamwork in a ZTNA

Teamwork allows a plan to come together, and with Appgate, OKIN Process, and Immunity, peace of mind becomes inevitable. The trust between Appgate and OKIN Process mixed with the offensive techniques of Immunity means that data remains safe. For the reasons already stated above, the Zero Trust Network Access methodology of Appgate benefits many businesses very clearly. One may wish to consider a ZTNA the next time they feel as though their cybersecurity needs improvement. Just remember that sometimes, an offense makes the best defense.

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