— Mitigate Learning Loss with the Homework Helpline

Mitigate Learning Loss with the Homework Helpline

The Scale of Learning Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed – and for some exacerbated – the inadequacies of our education systems. Almost overnight, the pandemic forced educators to shift from traditional schooling and impose substantial alterations.

The suspension of face-to-face instruction in schools during the pandemic has led to concerns about consequences for students’ learning. As a result of the pandemic, many students have had to experience a prolonged period of learning loss. In fact, according to EdWeek, school closures affected 55.1 million students – over 97% of students in both public and private schools.

Although there are no direct comparisons to past events or trends, there is clear evidence, despite educators’ valiant best efforts, that students were learning less during lockdown than in a typical school year. The Homework Helpline has been developed to implement solutions at scale that will bridge the gap and support

Our Solution

To address various areas of need for both students and teachers, our top innovators have produced a multi-faceted solution that operates on a SaaS consumption model that we call Educators-as-a-Service. This platform allows OKIN Process to seamlessly deliver conventional tutoring services as well as on-demand, holistic learning resources we call the Homework Helpline.

The Homework Helpline is underpinned by technology that enables cutting-edge functionality on top of the EaaS platform:

  • Machine Learning (ML) and intelligent call routing to ensure appropriate and timely responses to questions.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide maximum availability to users
  • Multi-channel support on-demand with your favorite device via voice, chat, and video
  • Sentiment Analysis (SA) to support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Our Homework Helpline leverages best-in-class enterprise solutions to empower your education community with 24/7 access to learning resources. The Homework Helpline is underpinned by enterprise-grade capabilities that are designed to serve users on multiple levels:

  • Service Desk to track and report on student requests for assistance
  • Contact Center solutions to provide intelligent routing of calls, efficient process optimization, and intelligent, human capital management
  • Knowledge Management System to support students who need help finding answers to commonly asked questions and enables educators to efficiently provide answers during 1-on-1 sessions

While EaaS provides self-assistance resources for independent learning, it also provides 1-on-1 assistance to support individualized learning.

Typically, the biggest challenge in offering 1-on-1 interactions is the ability to effectively support these models in terms of human capital management. With the Homework Helpline, however, schools can now provide students with access to educators whenever students have a question or require assistance. This on-demand service compliments the school year schedule through its availability during evenings and weekends when students may be most in need of additional assistance.

We understand that high-quality, individualized learning can be 5 times more effective than group learning environments. The Homework Helpline enables educators to finally leverage this structure for better learning outcomes.


The massive disruption to education highlights the need for schools to devote serious attention and resources to their students. Only through a combination of resources, such as the Homework Helpline, can we support students to regain learning loss.

To learn more about how it works, get in touch with us to discuss whether it’s the right option for your school.

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